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Dec 31,  · Sep 3. Then click View all from the left pane.. Step 4. Navigate to the Hardware and Devices section and double-click on it to open the you can follow the on-screen prompts to complete the troubleshooting. When the troubleshooting process ends, see if the USB device not recognized Xbox One controller issue still persists. Jun 17,  · On Windows I bought a Xbox One controller, but the triggers do not work. I looked on the net for answers, and tons of people have this issue. Most people say to install older Xbox One controller drivers, but every link has sent me on a link-to-link adventure I do not have time for. I spent 7 hours strait trying to get these triggers to work. Sep 06,  · Using my functioning pad as a reference, I went into the windows controller configuration tool and looked at how the axes were functioning. The Z axis in a neutral position is at 50%, and the left trigger moves it from while the right moves it from This results in everything working as expected with triggers in videogames.

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On Windows I bought a Xbox One controller, but the triggers do not work. I looked on the net for answers, and tons of people have this issue. Most people say to install older Xbox One controller drivers, but every link has sent me on a link-to-link adventure I do not have time for. I spent 7 hours strait trying to get these triggers to work. I saw someone say they needed to install Windows 7 Microsoft Accessories, so I did that and nothing changed.

I downloaded the Xbox Accessories App from the store because it said I could configure my controller with it. It told me I was using Bluetooth and made me connect a usb, so I went and bought a usb, clicked Configure and the left and right triggers were not even listed, which obviously made mapping them impossible.

Also, when I connected a usb, it showed a second controller diagram and linked my profile to that one, leaving the original abandoned. This means I would need to use the usb at all times to play. This defeats the purpose of a wireless controller, and since the usb only has a 5-foot cord, that is already out of the question.

The strangest part is, when I used Test on the Xbox Accessories app to test my buttons, both triggers were instantly recognized.

When I played a game, the triggers were mapped to the Back and Start buttons. Why in the world was that a good idea? So, the Back and Start buttons are triggers, and the actual triggers are left disabled and unmapped. How do I remap triggers to the trigger buttons and enable Back and Start? Need to do both since moving the trigger functions from Back and Start to the triggers will either leave them without a function, or leave 2 sets of trigger buttons.

How do I roll back to an older Xbox One controller driver version? According to many people the older drivers still work as intended but I can’t find a direct link to any other version. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback. Without the Configure option present, I can’t load a saved profile with buttons mapped to my bluetooth-connected controller.

With bluetooth being my connection, Configure cannot be activted, so there would be no option to Load the profile available to me. When I connect usb, the bluetooth connection is not an option anymore disconnecting usb disables functionality , but it shows 2 controllers available.

Also it is interesting to see what happens when I follow the links to my problem in the console section you linked to. Even if I was playing on console this would certainly not solve my problem or tell me how to remap buttons. The first link you gave me would show me how to remap buttons, but when you consider what I have written, it is clear I already have the Xbox Accessories App installed, know how to use it, and cannot complete the process because it has an impassable wall for those trying to use Configure with bluetooth.

The Configure option does can not be activated if I use bluetooth. It only shows me a message telling me “This controller is connected via bluetooth. Connect a USB cable to configure it. In Test mode it will show that I am pressing Left and Right Trigger, so they are not disabled, but they do nothing in a game, and Back and Start buttons perform the Left and Right Trigger functions.

This is why I need to be able to remap the Triggers and Back and Start buttons. Thanks for reaching out. We understand this is frustrating and we want to help out as best as we can. In order to remap the buttons of your Xbox One controller, you’ll need to follow these steps on Windows In the “Xbox Accessories app,” click the Configure button.

After clicking this button, you may be prompted to login to your Xbox Live account. Now I know you have already tried to follow the steps and it still did not give the properly functions to adjust.

Does it give the option to restore the buttons to their original settings? Yes it gives me the option to restore default buttons, and needless to say, that changes nothing, as I have changed nothing on the controller, except it turns my Vibration back on. I want that Off. No other changes occur when clicking Default. And why would there be? The controller, driver, and Xbox Accessories app are all brand new to my computer.

None of it can be updated further. As for your links, you are both obviously unqualified to handle my case, and I request it to be upgraded to a specialist. You are obviously not reading your own linked pages.

I need help from someone who reads what I have typed and the steps I have completed, and knows what needs to be done next, instead of repeating steps over and over. I have spent days on this, and your links are already on the web. I have seen them already, read them already, and tried all of the solutions that apply to my situation.

My controller is not the Elite variation, nor should it need to be. From what I have seen on that page, it has the option to map Triggers using the Xbox Accessories App. Would someone care to explain to me why the standard Xbox One controller was not given that function in the Xbox Accessories App?

Believe that I will not be buying your Elite controller just to make use of the Triggers or Back and Start buttons. A driver that uses the same button mapping a Xbox controller uses which is what ALL controllers are supposed to use. If option 3 is available, I have no need of the first 2 options, though to be honest, common sense dictates that the first 2 options should still be available regardless. That is what they did for Xbox One console users, and that is what they should have done for PC users.

According to most, if not all people who have my problem, it was a driver update that messed this up in the first place, and using an older Xbox One controller driver restored all proper functions to those Xbox One PC controller users.

I came here because nothing on Google, Steam or tech sites have given an actual solution to this issue, except to use an older driver, which I cannot find a direct link to. Seeing as you are and would like to talk to a specialist about this, it would probably be best for you to go ahead and contact customer support directly. You can do so by hitting up the contact us page and going through the prompts that apply. That so-called “Contact us” link is exactly what sent me here to this forum in the first place.

It does not connect me to a live chat support rep, it gives me automated responses, just like you are doing. This literally means that you did not just link me to a “specialist” and are simply using your automated system still, just like I did when I was sent here by your bot. In case you have not already realized it you have Am I being trolled?

Is this supposed to be professional? What exactly did you think would happen when I use that “Contact us” service? It does one thing: Sends me to the answers. This is now day 4 of me asking on this forum for help, and in 4 days I have seen only steps to perform that I have already performed.

As I said, all those links can be found on the web. If any of them could solve my problem, I would not be here. In the end, I can only find my answer here on this forum.

This is, afterall, the official Microsoft Answers forum. So stop using your automated responses and let me speak to a Microsoft Xbox One developer. The one who actually makes the code the controller sensor sends to the bluetooth receiver on the PC. Or, let me speak to the developer s of the Xbox Accessories App. They are the ones who applied, to the Elite controller version of the App, the option I need to remap buttons. I saw the option there on the Elite controller section of the Xbox Accessories App.

I refuse to believe I have to have that more expensive controller to remap my trigger buttons. That would not be fair or acceptable. That is there function. Then, I will also need the Back and Start buttons to perform their intended function as well. Okay then, nevermind. I returned my Xbox One controller and got a refund. I will be switching to a Playstation 4 controller.

At least then I don’t have to worry about a game having XInput support. I also will not have to worry about needing official support from Microsoft.

That did not turn out well at all. You people need to hire professionals. You shouldn’t even bother typing a legitimate response to a chat bot unless you’re gonna copy and paste it. In any automated chat scenario just spam words like “live chat”, “agent” or “representative” until it stops trying to figure out what your problem is and directs you to a live person.

This works in all chat supports from my experience unless they are actually closed. The reason I mention this is you seemed to have given up and accepted the bot’s solution. You may need to look up your exact NIC model or if it is embedded get it through your mobo’s website.

A lot of times MS will install a generic bluetooth driver or any driver really instead of one specific to your product and this creates some problems with controllers specifically. I just had the exact same issue actually.


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