Windows 10 rename multiple desktops free download

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Windows 10 rename multiple desktops free download

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Windows 10 rename multiple desktops free download


Introduction Bulk Rename Utility: file renaming software for Windows. Rename multiple files quickly , according to many flexible criteria.

Learn More. Rename files in many ways : add, replace, insert text into file names. Convert case, add numbers. Remove or change file extensions. Rename photos using EXIF metadata i. Rename files using Windows File Properties e. Easy to Install. Download and start renaming your files now! New Version 3. What’s New. Background Bulk Rename Utility is an easy to use file rename program a. Basic Features. Filters can be used in PowerRename to narrow the results of the rename.

Use the Preview window to check expected results. Click the column headers to switch between filters. Additional options can be configured from the PowerRename tab in the Settings menu as described below:. Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table of contents. Submit and view feedback for This product This page. View all page feedback. Additional resources In this article. Year, represented by a full four or five digits, depending on the calendar used.

Year, represented only by the last two digits. A leading zero is added for single-digit years. Day of the month, as digits without leading zeros for single-digit days. Match text that begins with “foo” and ends with “bar”. Match everything between and including “foo” and “bar”. Appends “. Move numbers in the filename: “” becomes “”. Insert “foo” n characters from the beginning or the end, respectively.

Trim n characters from the beginning or the end, respectively. Defines whether PowerRename appears as one of the default options or only in the extended context menu. Open this GitHub website. Extract zip files on Windows 10 Copy the path to the folder. Search for Command Prompt , right-click the top result, and select the Run as administrator option. Once you complete the steps, click the Task View button, and when creating a second virtual desktop, click the default name will allow you to rename the desktop to anything you want.


Windows 10 rename multiple desktops free download. PowerRename utility


With Windows 10, Microsoft finally brought a feature that is standard on other desktop operating systems to Windows: multiple desktops, which the company calls virtual desktops. This is admittedly a power user feature, but it can be helpful for anyone who wants an extra bit of organization. The key starting point for multiple desktops is Windows 10’s Task View. The easiest way to access it is the icon to the right of Cortana on the taskbar — it looks like a big rectangle with a smaller rectangle on each side of it.

It shows all your open program windows at a glance, and it lets you choose between them. When you’re in Task View, if you look at the right corner, you’ll see a button that says New desktop. Select that, and at the bottom of the Task View area, two rectangles labeled Desktop 1 and Desktop 2 appear.

Select Desktop 2 , and you land on a clean desktop with no programs running. Your open programs are still available on the first desktop, but now you have another one open for other purposes.

If you’re still scratching your head as to why you’d want more than one desktop, consider how you use your PC every day. If you’re on a laptop, switching between Microsoft Word, a browser, and a music app can be a pain. Putting each program in a different desktop makes moving between them much easier and removes the need to maximize and minimize each program as you need it.

Another way to use multiple desktops is to have all your productivity programs on one desktop, and your entertainment or game items on another, or you could put email and web browsing on one desktop and Microsoft Office on another.

The possibilities are endless and depend on how you organize your programs. You can move open windows between desktops by opening Task View and then using your mouse to drag and drop from one desktop to another. Using the arrow keys is tricky because you have to be aware of which desktop you are on.

Multiple desktops are organized on a virtual straight line with two endpoints. Once you reach the end of that line, you have to go back the way you came. In practical terms, you move from desktop 1 to desktop 2, 3, and so on using the right arrow key. When you reach the last desktop, you go back through using the left arrow. If you find that you jump between numerous desktops out of order, it’s better to use Task View where all open desktops are consolidated in one spot.

The multiple desktops feature has two key options you can adjust to your liking. Select Start. Choose Settings from the Start menu. Select System. Select Multitasking and scroll down until you see the heading Virtual desktops. Here are two options that are easy to understand:. Multiple desktops aren’t for everybody, but if you’re having trouble keeping your programs organized in one workspace, try creating two, three, or four in Windows Actively scan device characteristics for identification.

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