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How To EQ Bass Guitar in Logic Pro X (w/ Presets) It’s completely free and has quite an extensive list of impulse responses. Re-sculpt your bass guitar recordings with DI simulation, insert effects and part doubling in Logic Pro X.


Bass guitar logic pro x free.How To EQ Bass Guitar in Logic Pro X (w/ Presets)

Step-by-step: Better Bass. 1. Our first two examples use Parallel processing to enhance the bass end. Create a bus send from the drum submix, and place a Linear Phase EQ plug-in on the newly created Aux fader. 2. On the Linear Phase EQ, setup a bass boost (+9dB at 80Hz) combined with broad, midrange cut (around 1kHz) and remove high end above. Bass Guitar Processing In Logic Pro X – Read online for free. Unless they have some particularly understanding neighbours, most engineers and musicians tend to record bass guitar DI’d into their audio interface. A clean DI’d bass might be all that your track needs – enhanced perhaps by EQ and compression – but. Oct 02,  · In today’s article, we’re going to be learning how to mix bass guitar in Logic Pro X. To keep things simple, we’ll be using only its default plugins (Channel EQ, compressor and Chromaverb). However, you can easily follow along regardless of the DAW/plugins you use. The parameters we’ll be working with are universal, but these teachings.


Bass guitar logic pro x free.How To Mix Bass Guitar In Logic Pro X


Screen 1. Re-sculpt your bass guitar recordings with DI simulation, insert effects and part doubling in Logic Pro X. One of the most basic bass guitar logic pro x free for creating a bass tone is to blend the sound of a bass guitar through an amplifier with the direct sound. On your bass guitar track open the Bass Amp Designer plug-in and click the Direct Box button to bring up the editor for the Основываясь на этих данных Box section Screen 1, above.

The interface is very simple. The Tone control selects from six preset EQ curves which can be applied to the incoming bass guitar signal, whilst the HF Cut button gently rolls off the top end to remove noise. Experiment with the different Tone options and, once you have achieved a satisfying DI sound, use the slider between the Amp and Bass guitar logic pro x free Box buttons to blend these tones together.

One way to think about the layering process is to first decide whether the DI больше на странице the Amp represents the main qualities of the sound you are going for. Once that decision has been made then blend in the element you feel is missing. If the DI is the main part of the sound you want but it lacks a bit of top end, then use a bright amp tone and blend a little of this into the DI to brighten the overall bass tone.

To increase your processing options for each element, you may prefer to have the DI and Amp simulation on two separate bass guitar logic pro x free. You can now blend them as two channels using the channel volume controls. The main benefit of creating two tracks is that you now have more freedom to EQ the Amp and DI signals independently using regular insert plug-ins. If you want to simulate recording multiple bass cabinets then create three Bass Amp Designer tracks, one with an 8×10 cab for mid-range and top end, one with a 1×15 cab for low end, and a bass guitar logic pro x free track for the DI.

The three tracks can then be equalised separately and summed through a Track Stack to give you control over the overall level and timbre. Before the age of computers running powerful DAWs, the duty of synthesizing extra bottom end would have been handled by a dbx subharmonic synthesiser rack unit or by re-amping bass guitar logic pro x free bass through a thunderous speaker.

Logic has its посмотреть еще equivalent processor: the SubBass plug-in. The SubBass plug-in takes the incoming audio and then splits it into two identical parallel processors labelled High and Low.

Screen 2. The SubBass plug-in can be used to add bottom end to a bass guitar recording, here I am using just the top band to add bottom end around the 85Hz region. For what we are trying to accomplish we bass guitar logic pro x free need one band of processing, though. Set the Frequency Mix slider all the way up to to give just the Bass guitar logic pro x free band.

Tune the bass enhancement processor to the frequency range you want to enhance. First of all, set the Ratio to 1, then set the bandwidth control to approximately half an octave. Next, go to the Centre control and sweep it from the lowest frequency upwards until you find the area you want to enhance.

If the area is too wide simply reduce the Bandwidth control Screen 2 and Audio Example 1. Now, add the dry signal back and adjust the amount of wet signal carefully. Too much bottom can make your bass guitar part sound weak and unbalanced on small speakers. For Audio Example 2, I have exaggerated the amount of processing to make this clearly audible. Another use for the SubBass plug-in is to add bass below the fundamental frequency of the current note.

A Ratio control setting of 2 makes the SubBass plug-in behave like an octave pedal synthesizing a note an octave beneath the note played Audio Example 3. This is more useful for special effects or where a bass line has been played an octave above its traditional register. Chorus is another commonly used bass guitar effect. Chorus on a bass can add stereo width and movement, which can help to make it stand out more in a mix. When applying chorus bass guitar logic pro x free a bass, we can leave the low end unprocessed to avoid any cancellation of frequencies in the bottom end.

From the insert menu, add an instance of Pedalboard and drag the Retro Chorus pedal from the sidebar onto the Pedalboard area. Hover your mouse above the pedals and the Pedalboard now shows the routing area. The top line represents the higher frequency band and the bottom line the lower frequency band.

As we want to apply a chorus effect to the highest frequency band you need to drag the chorus object up onto the top line Screen 3. Screen 3. You can then apply a chorus or any other effect to just the mid and high frequencies. Go to the Mixer pedal this is coreldraw graphics suite 11 free full free created when you drag in the Splitter and drag the slider up to the top, labelled B. Adjust the Bass guitar logic pro x free knob on the Splitter pedal to set the amount of mid and high frequencies you want to run through the Chorus effect.

Finally, blend the low band back in by bringing the Mixer slider back towards its mid-point Audio Example 4. Sometimes you may wish to achieve an extra lift between sections in a song, for нажмите для продолжения between the verse and chorus. One way to achieve this contrast is to thicken the bass guitar part by layering it with a synth bass Screen 4.

We can then use this to play a synth bass patch on a software instrument track. Screen 4. To do this, double-click on the audio region to bring up the Sample Editor.

Logic then analyses the note content of the region. This will create a bass guitar logic pro x free software instrument track with a MIDI region containing the notes from the bass part. Experiment by layering different synths with your bass part Audio Example 5. I think Retro Synth is the most successful at sounding like a classic bass guitar synth pedal. Try the Classic Analogue Bass preset as a starting point. As you are auditioning presets you may need to alter the octave of the MIDI notes to play in the correct register.

In the Inspector, go to the Region Parameter area and click on the Transpose parameter. From the drop-down, choose the appropriate octave transposition. In these two articles we have covered lots of processing options. Once you have settled bass guitar logic pro x free the ones you are likely to reach for regularly, you may wish to simplify your workflow by assigning the key parameters of your bass tracks to Smart Controls.

If you did this on a Track Stack you could easily control all of the things we have discussed with one simple set of Smart Controls. Download 25 MB. Buy PDF version. Previous article Next article. New forum posts Re: New monitors to combat hearing loss. Charts – you bass guitar logic pro x free fake news! Login You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address.

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