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Commercial Design Using Autodesk Revit Lesson 3. FLOOR PLAN (First Floor). In this lesson you will draw the first floor plan of an office. Residential Design Using Autodesk Revit is designed for users completely new to Autodesk Revit. This text takes a project based approach to.

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I think this app has 2 strengths. It is very fast: it produces the documents faster than any other app that we tested, including Revit native document export. I have now been using Docuflow for a few weeks and it saved me a lot of time to send out my drawings. It was really intuitive to select the sheets using Docuflow and set the filename.

Docuflow created the PDF in less than a minute. All my sheets are exported to PDF in the correct sheet size. A professional tool that makes that boring part of the work go very smooth.

We are very satisfied on how the program performs. I love that I can see the the resulted PDF when the sheets are being printed.

Easy to spot problems with my drawings and correct them. Very reliable app. Docuflow is a software that does not need a manual. It is very intuitive, and fast to get results. After it is setup one can produce PDFs with just a few clicks. I have a project with a complex filename convention and this tool lets me export the sheets with the correct filename. It is a timesaver and makes the whole process stree-free. I am using this app with Revit and works pretty well.

It lets me sort my sheets in a variety of ways. Exporting is amazingly fast. Docuflow is a pretty amazing program. Produces all the PDFs with complex filenames as efficient as it is possible. Well done archi team! I really enjoy that this tool has so many updates. There is always some great new feature in every version and I am always looking forward to download and install it. Great work!

Docuflow is the preferred tool for Revit in our company. It largely exceeded my expectations. It is quick, reliable and has an extended list of functions that makes it suitable to create PDFs or DWF for different type of projects.

We strongly recommend this app. I have tested many different apps to print my sheets into PDF and Docuflow is clearly the best. It is possible to select the sheets in multiple ways, for instance search for a specific word or the last revision. I also think the sheet sets from Docuflow are are better that the sheet sets from Revit as we can order the sheets when we print to a single document. Docuflow has a lot of other professional features that are usefule on other ocasions.

Docuflow has a very friendly and efficient customer support. This app is just brilliant. Docuflow is easy to install and use. It handles all our sheet sizes and allows us to create a drawing list on the fly. We love it. I heard about Docuflow on a blog about the most useful plugins for Revit and decided to give it a try.

I understood straight away that the program is straighforward in selecting sheets and saving them to PDF. It detects all our custom sizes and simply gets the results done correctly all the time.

Docuflow is a tool that I use very often, and it is essential for my job. Docuflow makes PDFs like a Ferrarri. It is super quick to setup and does not hang. We really like the print preview windows as the PDFs are being written.

But once we have evaluated Docuflow we noticed straight away that the process became more expedite. I think the name of the app says it all. Well done guys! We decided to try this app after reading an article in a BIM magazine. This tool really delivers both in quality and in performance. Great customer support and many frequent updates. This is a tool that every BIM manager should implement in the firms workflow.

We use Docuflow for more than a year. The tool is super professional, and both looks and works perfectly. We very happy with the super quick answers every time we drop a ticket to get help with our licenses. We trust our production of PDF documents to the Docuflow app. It is a very robust app, that has been around for a while and has great customer support. We love the fact that we can issue all those document in the same operation.

The PDF preview as we print is a great feature as lets us find errors in our sheets straight away, shortening the time to a complete error free drawing set. Overall this is a professional tool that surpasses the native Revit print dialog and Revit PDF export. Well worth the subscription. I have been using this program for about 2 years and what I can say is that Docuflow rocks. Works well on Revit , and It is much faster than using Revit native print functionality.

We only need to configure it once and we can reuse the same settings all the time. Fantastic print quality and many possible adjustments. We love that we save and share the settings projectwise. Very clear interface, amazing features. I wish that it could print multiple sheets at the same time, but that is a feature that I did not find in any other application. Generally very good and stable application for professional use.

Saved us minutes in every document export session. Highly recommended. Docuflow does print all my sheets to PDF in the right size. We are also very happy with the customer support. Specially for projects with many revisions. We are evaluating the Reports plugin to also export the drawinglist in the same operation. That reduces even more the time to deliver a complete package of drawings.

We think this app is a must. We have been asking for a few extra features to this program and we got them implemented within a couple of weeks. These developers are very professional and pay good attention to our workflow.

We strong recomend Docuflow and the fantastic support from archi. Great to have an application that works, and does not require complicated configurations. I evaluated many other tools and did not find one that is so easy to work with. The app is good, but why does revit not have these option included in the program? Archicad has a way better printing interface, and not as an add-on that can crash any minute. Hating revit right now. Hi Rodrigo. We have not found you as a customer in our system to identify eventual issues with your license.

Keep up the good work. Gives a lot of control and reliability when we need to get the job done. I dont need necessarily many features, I need a tool that works. Docuflow does that. We have been using Docuflow now for more than 2 years. We are happy with the floating license scheme that works from home as well. We would like to thank the people behind this software to make our lifes so much easier.

This tool is both simple. No manuals needed when everything is so clear. We will be subscribing this software. Well done! I had a great experience with the customer service from archi. We got a Teams meeting in the same day. We brough all our questions and explain how we would like to publish documents. Now we can both use Docuflow at work and at home without any issues. We love their cloud license solution. Does it come with the ability to adjust the view margins?

Or is it automatically always centered on the sheet? Docuflow prints sheets following the exact size of the titleblock, therefore there is no need for adjusting margins as far as we can see. Whatever is placed inside the titleblock, including its own printing margins dead margin , will be published into PDF. In this way one makes the publishing process with less steps and more predictable. Looks like it works pretty good, very handy!

The thing that still is weird is that it only uses single core while printing multiple pdf’s!!! Latest update: i cant print views with this software and also if i print outside docuflow all my landscape settings are reversed to portrati??? Printing functionality outside docuflow in revit is worse! Thank you for the support and feedback.

We have been in contact with the customer via technical support in the last days. The issues regarding paper size the user is reporting happens outside the usage of Docuflow, when the user prints views, and not sheets via the native print dialog.

The configuration of paper sizes for the Revit print dialog are documented in the Revit manual. We also look forward that is possible to use multi-threading multi-core but unfortunately that feature is not available in Revit or via the API.

It is already available for Revit on our website. It will be released in the Autodesk App Store shortly. The best plugin I have tested to print from Revit.

I am using it with Revit and I like that it has its own button bar and a clear interface. It does not require more than 1 sheet selection and press of a button.

That is much more intuitive and simple than the other plugins available. I often use the filename rules to create filenames using sheet parameters – a fantastic time saver. We have used Docuflow in many projects across the office. We save so much time now! The app works prefect and that not expensive. Also the support was great and fast. Thx voor this app. Was searching for smthg. Pablo Kemp October 06, APP is great!

Makes your work easier! Ilaria Urbani May 07, Very useful plug-in to print big amount of drawings. Estuve buscando por mucho tiempo, el tiempo que te ahorra a largo plazo es inmenso. It’ easy and intuitive, the developper is reactive in case of problem. It really one of the best tool to have. I win a lot of time. Saves tons of time exporting sheets from Revit to PDF. Automatically detects sheet size and generate a PDF sheet, even if not standard sizes.

Perfect for my purpose, defenetly worth the money. Ivana Kovacevic December 13, This is one fine app! It should be within Revit by default! The best PDF printer for Revit. The only one with raster or vector print setting for multiple printing. Top Product! Best Revit Printer ever. Dieter Wolf. P Fiala Publisher November 25, Comming soon PF printer 4. Add to Wishlist Create a new wishlist.

View the wishlist Continue exploring. Wishlist name. Create wishlist Cancel.


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Commercial Design Using Autodesk Revit Lesson 3. FLOOR PLAN (First Floor). In this lesson you will draw the first floor plan of an office. Residential Design Using Autodesk Revit is designed for users completely new to Autodesk Revit. This text takes a project based approach to.

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